Bogdan-Iuliu Hurdu, Ph.D.

I do research in plant biogeography and conservation, and mountain ecology, focusing mainly on the historical and ecological factors that led to the current distribution of species, with a major interest in the Carpathian Region endemics. I have over 700 days of field work experience in the Carpathian Region, with various field sampling designs organised and carried out. My approaches include multilayered diversity distribution analyses (taxonomic, functional and phylogenetic), distribution modeling based on ecological niche concept, quantitative biogeography and functional ecology. My PhD (Babeș-Bolyai University) concerned the biogeography of Carpathian endemics.

I am a member of the Scientific Committee of the National Institute for Research and Development in Biological Sciences Bucharest, co-organiser of the last two editions of the Biogeography of the Carpathians Symposia (2017-2022), and founder of the  Carpathian Research Network  Consortium (2016). I am currently involved in various conservation, ecology, taxonomy and biogeography of threatened and endemic plant taxa from the Carpathian Region (including Transylvanian Basin).


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Affiliation of professional organisations:

International Biogeography Society, 

Romanian Phytosociological Society /

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-3165-108X