SOP Environment - Preparing the Management Plan for the Natura 2000 Site ROSCI0322 Muntele Şes


Within the project implemented by Babeș Bolyai University from Cluj-Napoca, ICB Cluj has executed a part of the field studies and is responsible the creation of the management plan.

Project objectives:

1. To create the management plan of the Natura 2000 site ROSCI0322 (Muntele Șes), and insure the sustainable development of the protected area in the near future.

2. To increase the awareness of local communities on the existence of the Natura 2000 site and on the need for conservation of natural resources.

Project activities:

  • The creation of a platform for the management and processing of spatial digital information resulting from the various project activities.
  • Mapping physical conditions, land use types, as well as the juridical status of the land covered by Natura 2000 habitats within the ROSCI0322 site.
  • Creating an inventory with habitats and species of interest, field mapping and evaluation for the selected habitats and species.
  • Elaborating a management plan for the Natura 2000 site ROSCI0322 Muntele Şes.
  • Increasing the awareness of local communities.