Adela Halmagyi, Ph.D.

Interests: Plant biotechnology: tissue culture (organogenesis, somatic embryogenesis, micropropagation, synthetic seeds), secondary metabolite production; Conservation of plant genetic resources (in vitro conservation, cryopreservation), propagation, genetic stability.

ResearcherID: C-1023-2011

At present:

  • Scientific secretary at the Institute of Biological Research Cluj-Napoca
  • Member of the Scientific Council of the National R&D Institute for Biological Sciences

Member of:

European Society for New Methods in Agricultural Research

Romanian Society of Plant Cell and Tissue Cultures

RESEARCH PROJECTS (financed by the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research)

Leader of research projects

  • Research grant with activities performed in specialized laboratories in the country and/or abroad “L”, 2000
  • Research grant “T” 6234/2000
  • Program BIOTECH, Project 01-2-CPD-4/19.10.2001
  • Program BIOTECH, Project 04-2-PED-4527/03.12.2004
  • Program CEEX, Project 82/25.10.2005
  • Program CEEX, Project 61/26.07.2006
  • Program 4 Partnerships in priority areas, Project 51-067/18.09.2007
  • Program IDEI, Project 280/05.10.2011

Scientific responsible for projects in partnership

  • Program CEEX, Project 173/04.11.2004
  • Program CEEX, Project 19/10.10.2005
  • Program CEEX, Project 80/20.10.2005
  • Program 4 Partnerships in priority areas, Project 51-039/18.09.2007
  • Program 4 Partnerships in priority areas, Project 61-007/14.09.2007
  • Program 4 Partnerships in priority areas, Project 31-008/18.09.2007


Books and book chapters

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3. Deliu, C., Halmagyi, A. (2008) Embriogeneza somatică. Editura Todesco, Cluj-Napoca, 327 pp. (Somatic Embryogenesis – in Romanian).

Journals with IF

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